How to become a Personal Trainer…

FLM TrainingHow to become a Personal Trainer…

Step One

Becoming a Personal Trainer is one of the most rewarding things you can do. A Personal Trainer not only helps improve the body composition or the way a client looks, but also helps their psychological well-being. It’s well documented that exercise can help reduce stress, improve focus and increase self-confidence. As well as this, Personal Trainers can generate a healthy income (providing they are professional, results driven and persevere), manage their own diaries and are accountable only to themselves… no more ‘horrible bosses’. Overall the life of a Personal Trainer can be pretty good!

Over the last few weeks we’ve received a number of phone calls inquiring about our Personal Training courses and how to go about becoming a Personal Trainer. As a result we decided to create a short e-mail series of our thoughts on how best to become a Personal Trainer and how to set up a successful business. Step one will outline our 5 top tips on choosing the right course for you:

1. Prior to completing your Level 3 Personal Training qualification you must complete a Level 2 Fitness Instructor course such as Gym Instructing or Exercise to Music. FLM Training make it easier and now offer a combined qualification where you can complete the Level 2 Fitness Instructing and Level 3 Personal Training Course in the same package. For more information on packages and combined qualifications please click here.

2. Research!! There are now multiple Training Providers all offering Level 2 Fitness Instructing and Level 3 Personal Training qualifications. However the way they deliver the qualifications widely differ. Some Training Providers don’t provide delivery days resulting in minimal contact with a tutor and all qualifications are delivered over e-mail and via distance learning. Here at FLM Training, we believe there is only so much you can learn from e-mail and a book. Our tutors are highly experienced professionals and boast successful Personal Training careers, the knowledge you receive from their experiences can’t be found in any book and is just as important as the course content. We deliver our courses face to face with the use of distance learning and suggested reading to compliment the direct delivery. As a result we believe the Personal Trainers we produce are and will be amongst the best! Therefore research and find a Training Provider which suits your style of learning.

3. Cost!! When choosing a Training Provider or Personal Training course, the cheapest is not always the best! We recently came across a “Personal Training” qualification being sold on a discount advertising website for £39. Yes… that’s right, £39. Immediately we thought there was a couple of zero’s missing off that price and assumed there was a typo… But after looking into it we realised that it wasn’t an accredited qualification and upon completing it you wouldn’t be able to secure insurance or employment.

4. Testimonials!! In our opinion, a true reflection of the credibility for a Training Provider is their reputation. Testimonials from real clients will give you a better understanding of what they offer and how good their service is. If a Training Provider doesn’t have any testimonials on their website I would immediately be asking why? FLM Training regularly update their testimonials and they can be found on our website here or on our YouTube channel here.

5. Call the Training Provider!! Due to the ease of shopping and browsing online, the art of conversation and communicating in person has almost disappeared. We advise that you call the Training Provider as this will give you a better ‘feel’ for the organisation and in some cases just because their website looks slick, it doesn’t mean their customer service is good. We always encourage potential customers to call so we can discuss the course in person and answer any potential questions they may have.

6. BONUS POINT – Content / Blogs / Articles. A good Training Provider will be posting regular, up to date and informative articles and blogs. Far too many Training Providers sit comfortably regurgitating old and dated research. FLM Training keep up to date with current trends and research and pass on the most relevant to you guys via e-mail and our blog section of the website.

We hope you found this e-mail useful. If you are considering completing a Personal Training course then we strongly recommend you consider the above suggestions. If you would like further guidance or help in choosing the appropriate course for you, don’t hesitate to call us on the number below or drop us an e-mail.

Next weeks e-mail will focus on Step Two and how to set up a Personal Training business once you have completed the qualification.

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