Saints’ Stewards Signed Up with FLM

Saints’ Stewards Signed Up with FLM

Stewards from St Helens Rugby League are set to build up their knowledge on spectator safety after enrolling on the FLM Spectator Safety Level 2 course.

Employees at Langtree Park, home of the Saints, will be trained in monitoring spectators, dealing with accidents and emergencies and controlling the entry, exit and movement of people at spectator events.

Gordon Pennington, Community Foundation Manager at St Helens RLC said, “We are always eager to help our staff as much as we can and when we saw this course we knew that it would be a great opportunity to upskill our stewards and help provide our fans with the best possible matchday experience.

“We want everyone that comes to Langtree Park to feel as safe as possible and by completing this qualification we are giving our stewards the best training.”

On the partnership with FLM training Gordon said, “The quality of the training and professionalism from FLM Training has been second to none, we are very happy to have them as a partner and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Gary Wiswell, director at FLM Training said, “To work with a prestigious sporting club such as St Helens Rugby League is fantastic and we hope to be able to really add value to their stewards and help them perform their job roles to the best of their ability.”